We Watch So You Don't Have To! is a podcast featuring Ryan Webb and Andrew Price that attempts to uncover deep meanings and hilarious realizations behind truly awful movies.

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Episode 32: Gooby

We Watch So You Don't Have To!

Gooby is by far the most nonsensical movie this podcast has ever encountered.

This 2009 Canadian motion picture is about a boy named Willy (slang for "weiner") who suffers from hallucinations, looks exactly like Winona Ryder, has parents who clearly despise him, and has a not-so-imaginary friend in the form of a seriously grotesque, frumpy giant bear-thing. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

So hop in your space kart, cancel your Baltimore business trip, and grab a handful of Canadian cookies as we try to make sense of this absolute mess of a movie.

♪Just a little bit closer.♪

♪Just a little bit closer.