We Watch So You Don't Have To! is a podcast featuring Ryan Webb and Andrew Price that attempts to uncover deep meanings and hilarious realizations behind truly awful movies.

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Episode 33: Zoolander 2

We Watch So You Don't Have To!

The sucky sequel strikes again!

The original Zoolander was laugh-out-loud funny and had a coherent plot, albeit an absurd one. Zoolander 2 has none of those things. Even achieving the all-time highest recorded SSCPMM (Star-Studded Cameos Per Movie Minute) doesn't help save this cinematic sinking ship.

Speaking of light-hearted stuff like ships sinking, this movie kicks off with a building collapse resulting in numerous deaths, a murder by semi-automatic machine gun and eventually works in a child sacrifice ritual and a fun visit to the burn ward. LOL! Comedy.

Join us as we discuss the clear overreach in jurisdiction by Interpol's Fashion Police division, recruit a member of Hansel's vast orgy crew for our own personal orgy and make sense of Kristen Wiig's worst supporting actress Razzie Award for her role as Alexanya Atoz.

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